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The Pill – Revolutionary Putting Aid

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The Pill – Revolutionary Putting Aid

The Pill

A Video review by Marc Wilson

They said he only had a head for radio but here he is…. in the flesh, so to speak with a review on a putting aid to check your putting plane. ENJOY! Watch the review and if you are interested… YOU SHOULD BE then check out the following websites for more info –   or


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‘The Inspectors’ Product review # 2 – Ezy-Tee

Available from: Ezy-Tee Australia
ph 03 9587 6660 or Mob 0419 032 322
Recommended Retail: $10.00 + postage

Welcome to the second of many new product reviews that will appear on the website over the next couple of months.

Ezy-Tee was designed by Lee Westwood, who was looking for a more consistent tee height when teeing up his ball, and a tee composition that wouldn’t mark, scratch or damage his golf clubs.

The Ezy-Tee head is made from formulated rubber, and the core shaft from a high strength plastic for maximum durability and longevity.

The main advantages of the product are:

  • The rubber cup that forms the top of the tee can always be inserted at the same height above the ground for consistent ball height placement;
  • The rubber top ensures that all of the momentum of the club head moves through the ball uninhibited, and should the club strike the tee, then the tee just bounces away;
  • You will have no trouble finding this tee after you tee off, as its size and colour stand out from the surrounding greenery;
  • The three colours will match up with most golfing attire, although for the definitive colour coordination palette, I suggest you consult our ‘fashionista’ – Byron ‘The Bomber’ Smith;
  • They last a long time – The Inspector has been trialling these tees for some months now, and it is not unheard of to get 3-4 full rounds of golf out of the one tee.

Some of the more crass members of our club have crudely suggested that these tees can also be used as butt plugs in certain situations, particularly after a rich curry the night before a round – all I can say is – I’m sure they would know.

nipplesPersonally, I see an alternate use for this product as a nipple puller, to pop out those reluctant little nipples when they are being a little backward in coming forward. Just be careful… I tried this method and the results were PAINFUL!

If you see me on the course soon, I will probably be using this product, (as a tee) so check it out when you see me, and if you are interested in trialling some of the tees let me know, as I have a good quantity of sample product to give away.





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The Inspectors’ Product review

# 1 – Fit 39 glovefit-39-gloves-1

Available from: Distinctive Golf Products –

Recommended Retail: $18.50 + postage

Welcome to the first of many new product reviews that will appear on the website over the next couple of months.

With the warm weather here, I thought it would be timely to look at a golf glove that offers superior fit and grip even with the heavy perspiration common at this time of the year.

I recently used the glove at a tournament in Hobart over 4 warm days, and the performance over this period was excellent, with no loss of feel or over-stretching. It was a pleasure to use a glove that you didn’t have to adjust or constantly fiddle with during a round, and that slipped on and off your hand easily, with no tugging or pulling with your teeth.

The Fit 39 glove is made with a special multi-directional stretch material, which is designed to fit almost any hand, whilst not sacrificing grip on the shaft. It has a very snug fit, comes in many sizes in both left and right hand fittings, and in 16 bright, fashionable colour combinations on a black or white base, for the golfer who wants to ‘dress to impress’.

One of the best things about the glove is that it is much more durable than standard leather style gloves, and is machine washable and colour fast. Who hasn’t had the experience of drying out your expensive leather glove after a particularly hot or wet round, only to find it as stiff as cardboard the next time you want to use it?

The Fit 39 will also outlast your present golf glove, because of the unique nature of the material, and will not fade or deteriorate with prolonged use.

If you usually cannot find a glove that fits your fingers and hand properly, where the finger tips are often too tight or too loose, then this is the glove for you.

All in all, the Fit 39 golf glove is a cut above many well known brands which are significantly more expensive, and will retain its original fit and appearance for much longer. RATING: 8/10

NB. Distinctive Golf Products also have a unique range of ‘custom’ belts, made from the highest quality silicone which is safe, washable and colour fast with interchangeable contrasting or matching buckles. The complete colour palette is on the website, so if you are looking for a belt of a particular colour, I suggest you log on and have a look at the full range.

Finally, Peter at Distinctive Golf Products has an attractive, wooden, retractable divot tool which I also used in Tasmania and found very serviceable. The divot repairer is spring loaded, and folds into its wooden case when not in use to protect the players’ legs, pockets and other valuable items below the waist.

The shape of the tool also allows it to be used as a club or cigar holder on wet days to keep your grips or ‘stoogie’ in premium condition.